Reliable commercial and residential plumbing servicing Philadelphia and Montgomery counties, Pennsylvania.

Vidal Plumbing, commercial and residential plumbing servicing Philadelphia and Montgomery counties since 1994. Licensed and registered, we install and repair water and piping systems, plumbing fixtures and equipment (including water heaters) and sewage systems for homes, single business buildings & complexes.

Hilsford Vidal, Owner

P. O. Box 732

Glenside  PA  19038

Phone:  215-886-5640

   Fax:  215-886-4455

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Our Commercial Clients

Plumbing for your business location that you can depend on!

Vidal Plumbing is licensed to perform installations, modifications, maintenance, and repairs on commercial plumbing and sewer systems and equipment utilized in office buildings, hospitals, multi-family properties, restaurants, churches, and schools.


  • Water system (through the building)

  • Back Flow Preventer Installation and Service

  • All types of Fixture Rough-In & Installation

System Types

  • Water Distribution

  • Backflow Prevention

  • Circulating Pumps

  • Hot & Cold Water

  • Storm Drainage

  • Sanitation

  • Laterals

  • Curb Traps

Hot Water Heaters

  • Traditional tanks

  • Tankless / Instant Hot

& Pipe Types

  • Black Iron

  • Cast Iron

  • Galvanized

  • Vitrified Clay

  • Copper

  • Steel Pipe

  • Lead

  • PVC

  • Supply Lines

  • Flexible Hoses

  • Water Lines

  • Sanitary Lines

  • Sewer Lines


Custom Plumbing Installation to keep
your business
running smoothly including:


Water services from the street to the curb


Water distributions from the curb to the building


Fuel & Gas Line Installation and Repairs


 Drain Cleaning